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One Shot Shootout was launched in 2021 to introduce to the golf industry, unique golf challenges including the season long $100,000 One Shot Shootout along with a $10,000 hole in one, ball on the green, closest to the pin, target golf and our monthly grand prize draw. All golf challenges come with fabulous prizes for your golfers...at no cost to you the golf event or golf course! One Shot Shootout will add that extra element of fun and excitement to your golf tournaments, member events and mens\ladies leagues. We also provide One Shot Shootout golf challenges to public golf courses which gives all players that exciting tournament feeling. Please reach out to us to discuss your golf day requirements. One Shot Shootout is also available in British Columbia for golf tournaments, member events, mens\ladies leagues and public play days. Let's create an experience for your golfers. It only takes one shot!

$100,000 One Shot Shootout

EXCITING NEWS… The One Shot Shootout team is excited to be announcing our golf tournament events for the 2024 season. Our program delivers fun and excitement to any golf tournaments, member events, mens\ladies leagues or public play days. We will be hosting our Hole In One challenge with a very exciting grand prize of $10,000 cash. Fabulous prizes will also be awarded for closest to the pin, target golf and ball on the green. New for the 2024 golf season will be our monthly grand prize draw available for all One Shot Shootout participants. During the Hole in One challenge, the golfers will also have the chance to land their ball on the One Shot Shootout target mat positioned on the par 3 green. If the ball lands and stays completely on the One Shot Shootout mat, the golfer will be automatically entered into the $100,000 One Shot Shootout. If no golfer’s ball lands on the mat then the closest to the mat will be entered into the draw. Towards the end of the golf season we will pick 10 golfer’s to participate in the $100,000 One Shot Shootout. The One Shot Shootout will consist of all the golfers taking one tee shot for the Hole in One with the chance of winning $100,000 cash prize if they get the Hole in One. As well as supporting our own charity Yellow Brick House, we also donate proceeds to your golf tournament charity! The One Shot Shootout team is committed to adding an extra element of fun to your day with our exciting golf challenges. BOOK YOUR EVENTS TODAY: Ontario: sales@OneShotShootout.com Barry 416.662.0444 Hildy 416.820.2240 British Columbia: oneshotshootout@relevantconnections.ca Richard 250.864.6637 Thank you! One Shot Shootout team

Our Charity Mission

One Shot Shootout supports Yellow Brick House
Yellow Brick House is a safe place for women and children that have been impacted by violence and abuse. They provide resources such as shelter, counselling, legal support, public education, and a 24/7 crisis and support line. The organization is committed providing services that help to empower women and children to rebuild their lives, and live a life free from violence and abuse. Please join us in #breakingthesilence on domestic violence, and help #rebuildlives Together we can make a difference and have fun doing it.


One Shot Shootout
The One Shot Shootout team promises to bring that extra element of fun and excitement to your golf events along with fabulous prizes for all participants.
Marc Bezaire, Associate Golf Professional, Thornhill Golf Club
The team at One Shot Shootout are amazing people to work with. We had Mr. Barry Lee and his team host a Hole In One Contest during our Men’s Closing Tournament and we hosted the One Shot Shootout $100,000 finale in October. Barry set up site visits to make sure all the details were in order for the events. At both events, they were very organized, professional and fun to work with. Our members enjoyed their on course experience with 100% of our members participating in their organized golf challenges. I would recommend One Shot Shootout to any club looking to improve the tournament offerings or enhance their member and guest experience.
Jackie Tamboer, Event Coordinator, Dreams Take Flight
'Thanks for looking after our putting contest...job well done One Shot Shootout team...see you next year'
Ryan Kilpatrick, PGA of Canada, Director of golf, Cardinal Golf Club
One Shot Shootout and Barry’s team are a great added bonus to our customers experience on the golf course. I have heard from many of our golfers that they really enjoyed the prizes and contests that are being offered by One Shot Shootout. Great for public play and tournament days, the service of One Shot Shootout is top notch.
Jeff M. Stephens
'Looking forward to working with One Shot Shootout at our charity event May 27th, 2022'
Greg Martin, Head golf professional, Westview Golf Course
Thanks to Barry, Hildy & the One Shot Shootout team for joining us at Westview this year. They added a fun extra element for public play with no disruption to pace of play. We would be happy to have them back in the future here at Westview!
Lorrie Norwood
'We had a lot of great feedback from your hole in one contest. Fantastic that you raised funds for our charity.'
Graeme McCarrel, Director of Golf, Pheasant Run Golf Club
"We were looking to provide additional offerings for our Public Golfers to create added value in our green fees. Barry and his team at One Shot Shootout were able to increase golfer interest, and generated a positive 'buzz' around the property, all at no cost to us – the golf course. Golfers were genuinely happy to have a public Hole-In-One opportunity that would normally only be accessible during tournaments, and they can win some great prizes too! We will definitely have Barry and One-Shot Shootout back again next year!
Heather Fortier
This was our first year using One Shot Shootout at multiple golf tournaments and all I can say is WOW! Barry and Hildy are quite the team, their professionalism and organization was outstanding. The One Shot Shootout Challenge is a fun addition to any golf event, our players always look forward to visiting these two on the course and enjoy what they have to offer. Thank you both for a successful 2022!
Todd Keirstead, PGA Celebrity Golf Entertainer
I am excited to partner with One Shot Shootout for the 2023 golf season. I have entertained at charity events that One Shot Shootout has been a part of and I have heard rave reviews from not only the participants but the organizers.

One Shot Shootout partners and golf events

Todd Keirstead has proven year after year to be one of the world's greatest celebrity golf entertainers along with being voted #1 Trick Shot of the Year, Golf Channel. Todd has been featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, TSN, NBC Sports, and TMZ. Todd has traveled the world including Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, the UK, and thought North America helping to generate millions of dollars for various charities. Look for Todd at golf tournaments and events next golf season and sharing the stage with One Shot Shootout.
Todd Keirstead, Golf trick shot entertainer
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Joel Nadel, Event Imaging
ParaGolf Canada’s strategic plan is to promote the involvement in the game of golf for people of all abilities, empowering everyone with the chance to play the game and develop their potential regardless of the severity of their disability. Committed to enhancing the quality of life of individuals of all abilities through the sport of golf. The people are at the heart of everything we do and the cornerstone of our principles. To create an environment that empowers, challenges, inspires, and encourages individuals to strive to achieve their own goals and live life to the fullest regardless of their ability.
Todd Keirstead, ParaGolf Canada Founder
'Looking forward to having One Shot Shootout sponsoring and hosting the putting contest at the Toronto Golf and Travel Show Feb 2-4, 2024 at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario'.
Lars Melander, Toronto Golf & Travel Show
The Deep Clean Club is the only golf club detailing service that offers complete packages to golf courses as well as tournaments and sells their Club Care kits to individual golfers via their web site.
Troy Timpano, The Deep Clean Club
'We would love to have One Shot Shootout at our Niagara Golf show at the Americana Conference Resort, March 18 & 19, 2023 and running our putting contest...looking forward to seeing you guys at the show'
Donny Churchill, Niagara Golf Show
'Great job guys with your golf events....see you in 2022' — Kemol Mohamad, Island Mix Restaurants
'Thanks for hosting your putting contest ...job well done" — Ryan Lamb, Silver Lakes Golf

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Please reach out to: sales@OneShotShootout.com with any questions, concerns or comments. We are here to help you!